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Remote Generator Monitoring

Just Imagine: It’s the middle of the night, the rain is pouring down, gusty winds are beating up against your house. The loud cracks of thunder and bolts of lightening are keeping you and your family from a good night’s sleep. Despite your best efforts to shut out the storm, it only get’s worse and causes your power to go out.

No worries, you have a generator that should be kicking on any moment. Only it doesn’t. It’s 2:00am. What do you do? Wait out the storm, hoping that the power outage is short lived? Call in an emergency repair technician?

ARP Electric and Power Systems has a solution that makes those late night power outages much easier. We offer remote monitoring of generators that allows us to see the status of your unit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. If there’s a potential problem, the remote will alert us so we can be proactive and address issues before they translate into untimely breakdowns and costly repairs.

We can monitor:

  • Generator running
  • Generator shut down
  • Generator exercising
  • Auto mode
  • Low or dead battery
  • High coolant temperature
  • Low coolant level
  • Low oil pressure
  • Generator fault codes
  • And much, much more!
ARP_Power-Remote Monitoring

With ARP’s remote monitoring service, you’ll have a peace of mind that your generator will always be in good hands, and repaired before any major problem arises. Contact us today to find out more.